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  • karuptsock

Western Australian Speed Boat Club - 2019-2020 - Race 2

It was a mix of sunny and overcast day , but with a light 3-8kts wind , the surface had a little chop and forced the Water Sprites to keep their wits about them.

But it was a really nice day out and boat crews seemed to have fun.

I did my best to match the photos to the boat groups and if any are off, I hope someone corrects me.

15hp Junior

Xavier Clarke - yellow boat

Taylor Jellis - green boat

15hp Snr

Mitch Clarke - yellow boat

Russell Jellis - green boat

Lenny Knudsen - orange boat -18

25hp Supersports

Daniel Knudsen - dark blue boat -33

Phoebe Knudsen - pink boat - 32

Stig Knudsen - light grey boat - 46

Mitch Clark - red tunnel boat - 2

Amanda Owen-Tucker - yellow and black boat - 12

Tunnel Boats - SST 120 Class

Tomika McCormick - white boat with red top - 52

Michael Britten - white boat - 34

Unlimited class

Peter Price - Blue Boat "007" - 007 got a bit squirrely a couple times and made for some great snaps.

Some candid snaps, next race I will stand on the other side and pick up some new angles. :)

A fan of "She Spin's Me Right Round"

*David Attenborough voice over* And here, we see the water pilot resting in his natural element.

Looking forwards to Race 3 on the 8th December @ The Burswood Water Sports Centre.