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  • David Squires

Western Australian Speed Boat Club - State Title Finals

It was the WASBC State Title Finals and everyone was psyched for the runs.

15BHP boats all the way up to Unlimited (somewhere in the 800+BHP)

So for a challenge I tried Panning shots as I was told it's hard to nail.

They were not wrong, I now respect the bejeezus out of Fast Panning shots, it's hard as heck.

Since it was the final's you will find a lot more shots then normal.

But got to say it was a perfect day , nice calm waters and 18-22c and a gentle warm sun.

A huge thumbs up from us over on the bank with our cameras as it was a good time to catch up with my mates Grant and Peter.

We had a good old chinwag and snapped the bejeezus out the boats as they zipped past.

The water was a perfect blue, until after lunch when it became overcast and the water went grey on us, but we all got some nice photos.

So without further ado, here are my 5 Star images.

If I can get over the sun burn, I will look at my 4 stars and work on them and expand the blog or make a part2.

Really can't wait until the next season, really want to nail those pans.

I really need to get use to being around people, as I really wanted to get more Engine Bay photos (next Race Season goal) , but was trying not to get in anyone's way.

Harv's Engine Bay

Maddog's Engine bay.

A lot of the teams are Family run and its nice to get some snaps in between race.

They had what was like an older Ski Boat acting as the "Drop & GO" for these beast.

When they do take off, they can really get out of the water.

Maddog, had a issue, but thankfully he got it sorted for the rest of the races.

All-Torq was kind enough to do a wee power sweep near our spot, so we got some nice close up snaps.

Often the boats where up on their hunches with nothing but air underneath. It was glorious.

I was panning for Harv's as he was ripping, then Maddog does a "Meep-Meep" into the frame.

Stupid fast.....love it.

Love this one, Bird racing a Tunnel Boat. Made me smile.