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  • David Squires

Western Australian Speed Boat Club - Round 6

Another wicked day down by the Swan River on sunday to photograph the WASBC run their round 6.

It's a free day out and it's a pleasure for the ears as the boats whip about the course.

Maddog (Driver: Les Smith) was nuts , I had a look over the boat during lunch and it screams engineered with the dial set at 11.

The middle class had some nice close action.

Les Smith in Maddog trying to get pedal control to behave itself on some of the choppy spots of the swan, but thankfully he snapped rolled it back like a champ and continued to dominate the class.

Leverage (Driver: Larry Cowlin) as always gets up and goes out of the corners.

Here we can see Les Smith helping Mathew Smith stay hydrated.

Als this poor chap had a poor day, boat reved ok until the trans was engaged, hope he works out the kinks next race, as he is always fun to photographe as he hangs out the sides.

A few of the smaller boats got a really nice plane up even with their smaller engines.

All-Torq (Driver: Peter Price) had zero hull in the water and I was wondering if a 'Ground-Effect' boat was legal for the race ?!

Phoebe Knudsen was on point for her laps.

Loved this, all three races feet apart and nearly neck and neck.

Harv's (Driver: Adam Harvey nearly got the prop out again.