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  • karuptsock

Day at the Zoo

Spent the day at the Perth Zoo with my daughter for her birthday.

Got some photos of her being herself and decent whack of animal photos to boot.

I just loved the two tone of the birds feathers, they are just stunning.

The water is trippy as well, I had to compare the photo on both memory cards to make sure there was no corruption.

First time in 4 years of shooting and I nailed a Swan in a heart reflection. Was pretty please with myself.

The Red Kangaroo was great out under a cloudy sky sunlight.

She so proud, maybe even Pride-ful ? tots not Lion.....Kekeke

This was trippy to find, a little willy wag was buzzing about at my feet and I was amused.

Then when it flew off to my right I worked out why, it wanted the spider to snack on, but the wasp was protecting its Egg Incubator.

Sadly, I was unable to get all three critters in a single photo.

The Adult Meerkats are back out and about and with better onsite security.

This young Kangaroo was looking lush.

This rhino was up closer to the fence line today and I got a wonderful shot of the big fella.