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  • karuptsock

Quit Targa West 2018 - City Stage

Got off my behind and made an effort to check out the City stage of Targa this year and boy did I score some lucky shots.

Some great machines ripped around the Riverside Drive car-park and some of its stretch of road.

Was lucky to snap 2 of the 5 cars vs objects (no one was hurt , other then their babies (thats cars for you non car folks)).

So here are a set of my fav car snaps of the day.

All in black.....he was very sneaky.

Classic !

The PorschAAA had fun picking on little cars.

Lancia was just sex.

Yes, the brakes do work.

oh look shazza, a squirrel over thata way !

Some of us still wondered if it was a car engine or a motorbike engine. It revved like a greyhound on speed.

Good old GT4

The PorschAAAA was anti-lagging like a champ, was wonderful to listen to.

A few older gen Beemers sounded awesome, went hard too.

Its cute, can we keep it ?

Hello smexy , R34 was going well, until something came loose later in the day.

The Stratos was pure flashback from Group B days and the driver gave it a bootfull every chance he could.

Even an Sylva was about.

Some tuned GT86's were about.

Some Mitsos went about nearly at full pace.

I had to leave this in for a subi friend.....he would cry if I didnt have one photo.

The Yello Mitso liked to whisper to the barriers as he pasted them......its was fun to watch.

A Monaro....sideways....I wonder if they can ever go around a corner ? (jokes ...he was having fun)

Classic RX-7 FD was sounding brillant.

The Hachi-Go was a lovely surprise to the event.

The little lotus was spun out after a stiff breeze.

This Beemer was mint, and the driver had no fear in giving it the boot.

The Chevolet gets sides ways as the day wore on.

The Fastback was meaty to listen too as it rumbled past.

The Stang was pretty as always.

This dude has to sit in the middle of the car, got to wonder where the gear shifter is. !!

Fullnoise was sideways often .....and I mean OFTEN.

The PorschAAAA , had it in for this Advisory Sign and took it around half the track before it left it alone.

This Honda was told the barriers were empty......they lied!!

Moments before a quick stop to inspect a light pole.

Another R34, enjoying a sprint without a cop car near by.

Since I was a mad man and got there around 8am , I was able to enjoy some show cars with very little to no people about.

My camera loved me and I loved it.

Give you a hint, its on the side of a cat.

I remember you , your the engine I was NOT allowed to buy for my old Nissan Exa. (Wive's are kill joys)

One for a mate who loves his Mini's.

Classic styles and sweeping boards.

Now here is something I thought I would never see in person!

This was stunning, it was spotless , no bugs nor rust.

The ONLY Holden I love.

Some beautiful bikes on display.

Mate wants one of theses.

And now for something completely different.

It was shiney.....so dam shiney.

This was waxed so well, I nearly gave up trying to photograph it with out me being in the dam shot.

Yes , real webbers, not the BBQ kind.

Some nice clean Mustangs on show.

The wax on this was flawless.

Throwback to the old days.

I wish the owner was around so I could have listen to it.

It was tidy and I appreciate bonnet up so you can have a looky at the engine.

Look forward to when I can sneak out and photograph another Race day of some sort.