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  • karuptsock

Bat vs Ball and other sillyness

Swan Districts Vs VPBBC

Popped down to the Forster Park to try my hand at some Baseball shots.

Was only able to stay for 3 hours before I had to go home.

I nailed 3 !!! THATS 3 !!! Bat + Ball hits, which are rare to capture !!

But saw some nice dives and a few really sneaky steals on bases.

A high throw forces this 3rd baseman to leap or risk an overthrow.

A Nice slide into 3rd for a base steal.

Grab some snaps of the Pitchers and their funky form in throws.

Best of all, no Team photographers, so I wasn't stepping on any ones toes and pretty much had the run of the field to stand about in and get some shots.

Spent most off my time of to one side, as that was offering the best light fill for the players and I had a sweet spot for Base's 2 , 3 and Home.

Was running only the Tamron 70-200mm , but that was good enough at F2.8 (&ISO400) to play with speeds near the 1/5000 range which kept most shots sharp, but the dam focus was so fast, it would flick back and forth in focus so it was tricking tracking some of the player dives.

But overall, had a blast and was a good experience.