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  • karuptsock

When along comes a Super Moon

Part 1

So I tried my hardest to get some nice Super Moon photos last night from Kings Park in Perth WA.

Needless to say, I failed horribly !!!

Between my lack of choices to stand to get a Moon Rise star way , I tried to get a moon + City multi-exposure in a single photo.

Yes I could have done it via Photoshop, but if you pixel peek the image, you will spot the blend straight away.

But, try as I might, I just couldn't balance the city lights and the brightness of the moon, before it was out of the "kill-zone" spot I really wanted to photo graph it in.

Whilst I did have a set photo of the city for a blend later on just in case, I muffed up under exposing the moon sooooooo much that I couldn't find its lower edge properly.

So when I went to blend, I did very poorly.

So here's a moon photo.

Here is how NOT to blend.

So I threw my hands up in frustrations and fell back to a nice city photo instead.

Part 2

After my taking 39 minutes to escape Kings Park (due to people failing in their ability to navigate a one way street)

We went home and threw all the gear on charge.

The alarm was set for 4am and I crashed out to grab some Zzz's before my second attempt at the Super Moon as it would set into the ocean.

So I left home at 420am to drive to Trigg Beach to see what I can get of the Super Moon going down.

Now this time I had more time to practice some Multi-exposures in single image form and pre-shot photos for later editing if I had nothing better.

So here was the best I could do for a Multi-Exposure Single Photo.

Then standing on some taller rocks I was able to string these two photos into a single image and it wasn't to bad considering the tide was out and the sun was rising quickly and 10 minutes later wiped out the Moon lit path across the ocean, so I was glad I got there when i did.

After the sun peaked over the hills to my back , the moon was lost in a pink wash and was gone.

So I hanged around to see if anything amusing would pop up and sure enough, this little old lady arrived with her trusty tools for her hunt.

She would dangle a rod out with a line and some food into a rock pool and see what would have a lash at it.

I was just testing some ISO settings when she struck gold and a Octopus struck.

The old lady moved quick and soon had the little bugger in her grasp and was ending it quickly.

Then along came a fellow and his two Bulldogs, who happily played about in the quite pools of water near the shore.

So whilst I was bummed about my Super Moon rise photos, I was happier with my Moon set photos.

Not to mention some of the locals who were up and about at 6am down at Trigg Beach.

After this, I now understand Lens compression with an object near and far in the same photo. Your eyes mess with distance so bloody well, its not until you try to recreate what your eye sees in a camera, that you realize how clever our eyes really are.

Over all, a good 24 hours of learning and that's always a good thing.