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  • David Squires

When Boats become Planes.

Man , what a weekend.

Went down to the Jet sprints again this weekend and as per normal, the guys and girls put on a hell of a show.

Round 5 of the West Coast Jet Sprint Club was thumping and a nice run of boats this time with them firing out of the slot at a constant pace until some one decides to apply for their Airline Licence.

The boats that stood out for me this time was the mix team of Hustler of 2 pairs driver/navigator , seeing the boat zip about in two different forms (of learning to race and going nearly full tack) was fun to watch.

(Sadly I miss getting snap of them)

The crew of "Who Cares" made some nice waves as they cut in close to the tires in their runs and decent time for the 350 Class.

The ladies from "All Torque were pushing their boat up into to the Super Classes in terms of Lap times with me seeing a 49 Second run at least and they just nailed their corners well.

There was some highlights for the day, with "Willytipit" having a minor boo boo , but the photo I snapped was a wonderful moment of a conversation that surely went like this.

Navigator : You do know this works better in water....right ?

Driver : Yea......I know....

"Mudrat" was looking a little cleaner through the corners and he seems to be settling in fine as a newcomer to the sprints.

"Ultimatum" did some nice close to the tyre lines which looked great !

"Triple X" had some blindly quick runs and I had to work to nail some decent photos of them at full pelt.

"Auzzie Apocalypse" as per norm were having and their Mohawks are always a nice touch to a racing team.

But my three stands out are now to be shown.

First is "Quality Time"

They had a nice back flash of fuel and it snapped it between the bonnet and airel of a 4wd going past me.

Second was "Warlord" , they had some sweet corners until they decide to see what the world looked like upside down. Thankfully no was hurt !!

The final one is "War Machine" , after a afternoon of brillant rips about the track as you can see from the photos below, they were not holding back.

But alas , they won the award for their hell of a hit after deciding to check out what it was like to be a Plane.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

They were back at full tilt later that night, I am amazed the team can see out of the boat with the size of the balls they have.

Now I have to earn a metric ton of brownie points with the wife, so I can sneak out for another round before the finals. !!