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  • karuptsock

Enter The Cauldron

I have lived in Perth for more then 14+ years and I had no idea that Perth had Jet Sprint Boats.

Then a friend of mine invited me out for a day to give the D500 and my Sigma Sport 150mm-600mm a whirl.

We spent the afternoon / evening photographing and watching these stupidly quick Jet Prop boats rip around a course with water only knee deep.

0-130kph in under 2 seconds, up to 140kph on some of the straights.

Going in some corners they can pull as much as 6G's in a boat that weighs 500kg !!!

4 Different class

350 Class

Heavily Restricted class , usually with V8 running on pump gas of Avgas and generating around 500Bhp

Turbo Class

A single setup class, 4.0 ltr Lexus V8's with a Single T76 Turbo , can make 550+ Bhp

LS Class

GM LS 6.2ltrs Crate engines, 600+ Bhp

International Group A Class

Mildly restricted engine class , with Up to 412 cubic inch blocks.


Superboat Class

V8 Superboats can have up to 1500Bhp , often running on Methanol and they sound amazing !!!

Sadly Triple X broke a prop shaft and didnt run for the rest of the day and it was a shame, it sounded incredible and was sure to give Warmachine a fight for the night !

Warmachine was on fire all day and night !

Currently $20 per adult and $2 for kids 12 year or under.

Its a fun arvo / night out, they had food shops and Acto buildings for toilets.

The Baldivis Jet Sprint Park is Inside the Bonneys Water Ski Park in Baldivis.

They have 7 more races before the season is over, get on done for a night of water at extreme speed and skill.

Their website is : www.jetsprintwa.com.au