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  • karuptsock

Life as a Boiled Water Bubble

So I was nursing the baby and reading on my phone when I came across a post by a Micael Widell about photographing Boiled water.

I looked at his photo's and was instantly taken at the bubble structures the boiled water generated.


Now Micael was shooting around 1/160th @f6/f7 with a set of flashes with his Sony.

I tried his settings and found they didn't return results I was happy with, even stepping up to 1/250th @f11 didn't seem fast enough to help capture some clean bubbles.

So I experimenting with going slower and different flash power on my SB-700, but the results were just to blurry for me.

I ended up using my Tri-pod and mounting my D500 to it, set the CL to 3FPS , dropped the SB-700 back onto the hotshoe and set power to 1/1.

With the Sigma 105mm dialed in to f6.3 to F13 (did some experimenting)

Iso set at 160 to 200

And a shutter speed of 1/200th to 1/6400th

I was finally getting some sharp images that I was happy with....kind of.

Asteroids made of bubbles

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 200 - f/6.3 - 1/6400th

Asteroids made of more bubbles

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 200 - f/13 - 1/5000th

Water Horse

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 160 - f/13 - 1/200th

That was day one taken care of and I picked and tweaked these three images out of 600+ take in 3 hours on the night.

The next day I decide to go higher speeds and start to mix some colored paper in to see what the results would be like.

At this point the wife kicked me out of the kitchen and I found that the washing/dryer had a nice flat surface for me to continue my amusements.

Now the down side to running at such high speeds is the lack of light to play with.

Even tho this was mid afternoon next to a double glass door, at 1/8000th it's soft light was nil in the photos and the poor SB-700 at 1/1 power was barley breaking away from the far left of the histogram.

So I was force to dial in some Iso and my shots were sitting around Iso 400

But I am lucky enough to own Topaz and the de-noise tool to help bring some of the noise back under control.

Yes I know the D500 has decent ISO even at 400 , but I am a stickler and it was bugging me.

Hot Bubbles

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 400 - f/11 - 1/8000th - No Color Card used yet

Hot Bubbles 2

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 400 - f/11 - 1/8000th - Blue Card on the back and a orange card on the left

Hot Bubble Slug

D500 Sigma 105mm - ISO 400 - f/11 - 1/8000th - Blue Card on the back and a orange card on the left

So I was pretty pleased to have some nice photos after 1000+ attempts to find something interesting.

By far my favorite is the Bubble slug as its was a massive bubble and nearly all of it was in focus.

Now to find a larger glass kettle with straight edges to play with, as my current one has a gentle curve from the base up to the midpoint and then curves pretty harshly to the spout , which throws the DOF out on trying to get more vertical photos and forces the bubbles to curve out of the DOF i had my lens set to.

Not to mention my wife wont then have to stand nearby tapping her foot and holding out her empty coffee mug whilst waiting for me to finish my photos.